3.00-4 Tires - Set of 2 (Dunarri)

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  • Set of 2 Tires
  • Most Popular Scooter Tire
  • 3.00-4 Size
  • 4-Ply
  • Manufactured by Dunarri (Wild Scooter Parts is owned by Dunarri)

This money saving pair of tires will let you replace both tires on your scooter for the price of one.  We have a special run of soft compound Dunarri 3.00-4 tires that we had made just for this reason. Since we manufacture these tires you will not find them anywhere else!

You get 2 DUNARRI 3.00-4 TIRES at a rock-bottom - wholesale price!

We all know how a flat tire can ruin your day. Of course you will get a flat miles from home, when your in a rush to get somewhere. Then it will start to rain. Don't let this happen to you! These tires are great as a spare, so you have one with you when trouble happens!

Our tires have quickly become our top selling product.

Perfect replacement for the razor E300 Front tire and razor E300 Rear tire.

These tires are very soft, therefore will give excellent traction. If used on grass, dirt, or indoors they will last a long time. However, if you use them on paved surfaces or sidewalks, due to their soft compound, they will not last like a standard 3.00-4 tire. If you want a long lasting tire check out our Kenda 3.00-4 Tire!

This is an economy tire at a budget, cheap price!

Fits too many scooters to list, including: Bigfoot Bladez Moby Comp Bladez XTR Comp 450 Bladez XTR Street 450 Bladez XTR-HD 550 Bladez XTR-S 450 eZip 4.0 GSR40 Honda Minimoto Sport Racer Martin Monster Mosquito Pukka GX400C Pukka Mini Bike Rad2Go Great White E36 Rad2Go Tiger Shark E10 Raycool Goped Razor E300 & E325 Razor Mini Chopper - Rear wheel Razor Pocket Rocket RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® R10 (Max) RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® R12 (All terrain) Schwinn 4.0 Schwinn S400 ScooterX X-Racer Super Bigfoot Xcooter Zipper XC533GTG X-Treme X-500 X-Treme X-600 X-Treme XG-499 X-Treme XG-505 X-Treme XG-550.

More Information
Fits Currie eZip E-4.5, Currie eZip E-400, Currie eZip E-450, Razor E300, Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer Dunarri
Manufacturer's Part Number 38-6019
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