We pride ourselves as having the best customer support in the business.  You can contact us online or via phone.

1.  Online:  Go to Dunarri Communiqué, our email/contact system.  We highly recomend using Communique instead of the phone, so we can keep all of the info on your issue organized in one place.

2. Phone:  Call us at 720-443-3231.  Out hours are 11am to 6pm MST, Monday through Friday.  Keep in mind of the time difference!  (For instance, if your on the east coast we open at 1pm and close at 8pm your time)


Before you contact us, please see the following info and videos.  These videos were made to address common calls we have seen.

How-To Videos



Off-Scooter testing Razor Controllers

Ultimate E300 Troubleshooting (Goes through testing Every Electrical Part)


Phantom Voltage on electric scooters (Razor, Currie, etc)

Razor E100 Troubleshooting

Razor E100 Controller and Throttle Operation

Razor Crazy Cart Troubleshooting

Razor E300 Rear Wheel Replacement

Demand Pricing Explained