Controllers for Electric Scooters, Electric Go Carts, ebikes, and other electric vehicles.

The Controller is the heart of your scooter.  It takes the power from the battery, and a speed signal from the throttle and sends varrying power to the motor.  Choosing the right controller is important.  You want a controller with enough amps to give good power, but not so much you overheat the motor.

Controller Wattage Rating

All controllers have a motor wattage rating, or output amps.  Amps and watts are just two ways of saying how much power you are putting to the motor.  You can convert between the two easily.


To be safe you want the controller to match the motor watts.  That said, most experianced builders know you can send more power to a motor if you arent stressing it too hard.  In the other direction, a motor under hard stress all the time might be better with a lower wattage controller.  Send too many watts to a motor and it will heat up and eventually fail.

Controller Voltage

Your controller MUST be compatiable with the voltage of your battery, period.  Use a controller only able to handle 24V on a 36V battery and it will blow.  End of story.  Keep in mind batterys usually put out around 14Volts each, but for the world of controllers and such...when you see a 24V controller, that means its setup for a battery pack of 2-12v batterys, and can handle the 28V.

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