1800 Watt Brushless Motor w/ 11T #25 Sprocket (Boma Motor)

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Boma 1800 Watt Brushless Motor.  This is the most powerful motor available for small scooters, go-karts, and Cruzin Coolers.  The motor is the exact same physical dimentions and bolt pattern as the Unite MY1020, but puts out way, way more power.  Rated at 1800 Watts at 48V, we have pushed these to over 8,000 watts peak @ 60V with no issues.


This version of the motor was specially built by Boma Motor for us, and is all aluminum in construction and has the wiring exit the rear of the motor.

More Information
Fits Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer Dunarri
Manufacturer's Part Number 06-5369
Hitch Lock None
Part Status In-Production
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