Razor Crazy Cart Shift Steering Bolt w/ Wedge (V1+)

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Razor Crazy Cart Shift Steering Bolt w/ Wedge


Genuine Razor Product

Part#: W25143402080


  • Secures the Crazy Cart Shift's steering wheel
  • Includes the 6" bolt & 1" wedge
  • Fits the following:
    • Crazy Cart Shift (Version 1+)
    • Crazy Cart Shift 2.0 (Version 1+)
    • Crazy Cart Shift Lightshow (Version 1+)
  • This part is not compatible with the original Crazy Cart
  • Make sure this part works for your Crazy Cart Shift - you can figure that out by finding the barcode on your Razor:
    • ELECTRIC BARCODES are located in four different locations on its electric powered products – on the charger, on the vehicle frame, on the plastic body and on the box
    • SCOOTER BARCODES are located on the side of the deck
    • HOVERTRAX BARCODES are located on the underside of the unit.

To be sure if you have the correct version, locate the white Razor Barcode Sticker on your scooter - the 2 center digits between the dashes are your version. 

A picture of a razor sticker is shown on the description as an example.

Note: Model versions can be determined based on the product ID code on your Razor product. It is a barcode sticker that looks like the image to the left and is typically located on the bottom of the scooter, the steering tube, the battery charger, or on the original box it came in. The 7th and 8th numbers usually between the dashes in your product ID code are the version number of your Razor product. For example, "01" = Version 1, "09" = Version 9, "33" = Version 33, etc.




***Customer is responsible of knowing the version they need. We will not be responsible for customer ordering wrong version. Please make sure you order the correct version for your Razor. If you need help you can contact us for help.


More Information
Manufacturer Razor
Manufacturer's Part Number W25143402080
Hitch Lock None
Part Status In-Production
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