Currie 24 Volt 5 Pin Diagnostic Twist Grip Throttle

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Throttle, 24v SLA, BG 5 pin with 1200mm wire.

This is Currie Technologies most popular throttle that is used on a wide variety of their 24V scooters and the Schwinn brand scooters (see below). It's a half twist grip and features 3 LEDs for full, half, and low battery. The LED can also blink to help diagnose problems.  This throttle is cross compatiable with the TH-XH2DL-015.  The only difference being an extremely slight change in wire size.

Please Note: This throttle is for 2007 and newer scooters. Many older models used a 6 wire throttle, and this throttle will not plug in and is not compatible with these controllers! Please count the wires on your current throttle before buying to be sure this one will work.


For Custom installs or testing:

Red: +5V
Black: Ground
Green: Signal

Brown: Battery Level Indicator -
Blue: Battery Level Indicator +


Will only work with the 24V IZip 750 and 2006 and newer Schwinn S750.

More Information
Fits Currie eZip E-4.0, Currie eZip E-400, Currie eZip E-450, Currie eZip E-500, Currie eZip E-750, Currie eZip E-900, Currie IZIP I-400, Currie IZIP I-500, Currie IZIP I-650, Currie IZIP I-750, GT-500, Mongoose M500, Mongoose Z350, Schwinn 4.0, Schwinn S400, Schwinn S500, Schwinn S650, Schwinn S750
Manufacturer Currie
Manufacturer's Part Number TH-XH2DL-002A
Hitch Lock None
Part Status In-Production
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