Key - Deluxe - for Pride Scooters (Also fits many others)

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  • Key For Mobility Scooters
  • Made for Dunarri by the same Manufacturer as Pride

Lost your key or need a spare for your scooter?  Get a new key from Wild.  Made espically for Dunarri (Wild Scooter Parts Parent) comes this mobility scooter key.  This is a NEW Key, not a copy, made for Dunarri by Pride's key supplier.   This is the key that’s used to turn on your mobility scooter.

This is the Deluxe Key.  Does the same thing as the standard key except has a plastic cover molded over the top.  It looks cooler, so if your into that get this one!

Fits most newer mobility scooters that use a on/off (2 position) style key.

Fits most:

AMIGO scooters

Amigo Centra (310000)

Amigo Classic (800000)

Amigo Classic FD (113001)

Amigo Deluxe (350000)

Amigo Escort (760000)

Amigo eXcite (590000)

Amigo EXT350 (670000)

Amigo FD (113000)

Amigo Grand Tour Transport (390000)

Amigo HD450 (650000)

Amigo MC (380000B)

Amigo MCX (690000B)

Amigo PowerShopper

Amigo RD (310000)

Amigo RT Express (690000)

Amigo RT Express Junior (690000)

Amigo SmartShopper

Amigo Travel Mate (580001)

Amigo Travel Mate III (580003)

Amigo ValueShopper

Amigo Viva (820000)

INVACARE scooters

Invacare Zoom HMV 220

Invacare Zoom HMV 300

Invacare Zoom HMV 400

Invacare Zoom-3

Mega Motion scooters

PRIDE Mobility scooters including

Go-Go Elite Traveller LR (SC40LR/SC44LR)

Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus (SC53/SC54)

Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD (SC53HD/SC54HD)

Go-Go ES (MegaMotion, RoRo & BeBop (SC46)

Go-Go Sport (S73/S74)

Go-Go Travel Vehicle (SC40/SC44)

Go-Go Travel Pro (SC40E/SC44E)

Go-Go Ultra (SC40U/SC44U)

Go-Go Ultra X (SC40X/SC44X)

Pride Celebrity 2000 (SC4000/SC4400)

Pride Celebrity X (SC400/SC4001/SC440/SC4401)

Pride Cyclone (SPSC4000/SPSC4400)

Pride Dash (SC41)

Pride Hurricane (PMV5001)

Pride Laser (SPSC300/SPSC340)

Pride Legend (SC300/SC340) - After May 2001

Pride Legend (SC3000/SC3400)

Pride Legend XL (SC3450)

Pride Maxima (SC900/SC940)

Pride Pursuit (SC713)

Pride Sonic (SC50/SC52)

Pride Sundancer (SC2000/SC202)

Pride Sundancer with Power Seat (SC2000PS)

Pride Victory 10 (SC610/SC710)

Pride Victory 9 (SC609/SC609PS/SC709)

Pride Victory ES 10 (S104)

Pride Victory Sport (S710DXW)


Replacement for

AMIGO #7997

INVACARE # 1126100


PACESAVER # 11011 (with S/N starting L24 or 2-letters like QC)

More Information
Fits Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer Dunarri
Manufacturer's Part Number 126-key-d
Hitch Lock None
Part Status In-Production
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