Go-ped 6'' Solid Rubber Tire

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Fits Go-ped Sport, GSR Sport, Grow-Ped, Know-Ped, Go-Quad, Go Quad 25, Super Go-Quad 30, Super Go-Quad 46, GSR Pro-ped, Iped 8, X-ped, and Liquimatic.
Genuine solid rubber tire for various Go-ped models.
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Fits Go-ped Go-Quad, Go-ped Go-Quad 25, Go-ped GSR Pro-Ped, Go-ped GSR Sport, Go-ped IPed 8, Go-ped Liquimatic, Go-ped Pro-Quad, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 30, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 40, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 46, Go-ped Super X-Ped, Go-ped X-Ped, Go-ped X25
Manufacturer Goped
Manufacturer's Part Number 1058
Hitch Lock None
Part Status In-Production
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