Foot Pedal Throttle ("Gas Pedal") for Razor Crazy Cart V1-4

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  • Foot Pedal Throttle for the Razor Crazy Cart
  • Razor Part Number: W25143499043

This product is no longer made, so when they are gone they are gone!

The Crazy Cart by Razor is one of our favorite vehicles here at Wild. We love drifting it around the warehouse and taking it down to the park for some fun times. One of the weakest parts of the Crazy Cart is the Throttle Pedal. If your anything like us, the pedal is hit hard on and off several times during your ride - this leads to failure.

Replace your pedal with a genuine Razor Throttle Pedal from Wild Scooter Parts.  The replacement of the pedal is very simple, almost anyone can do it.  To make the process easy for you, we made a video of the removal of the pedal and replacement.

More Information
Fits Razor Crazy Cart
Manufacturer Razor
Manufacturer's Part Number W25143499043
Hitch Lock None
Part Status Discontinued
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