Stabilizing Post for Razor Crazy Cart (Replaces Front Caster Wheel)

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  • Stabilizing posts for Razor Crazy Cart
  • Replace the front caster wheels
  • Sold each.  You need two, one for each side of the cart.

The first Razor Crazy Carts used stabilizing casters.  The purpose of the wheels was always to help keep the Crazy Cart from tipping over when you are first stepping onto the Cart and when you turn too hard. In either of these cases, as the Cart started to tip, one of the wheels touched the ground and help limit the tipping.

The new stabilizing posts do the same thing, but dont break as easily!  They fit all crazy carts!

For Part Number Reference:

Old Part:  Front Caster Wheels: W25143499149

New Part:  New Stabilizing Posts:  W25143499204

These new stabilizing posts have been designed to last, and not bend or break as some of the small stabilizing casters used on the 2013 version did. Though one set of these new stabilizing posts will last most users for the life of their Cart the polyetheline ends are easily replaceable.

Sold each.  You need two, one for each side of the cart.

Crazy Cart Stabilizing Post - Wild Scooter Parts - YouTube

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More Information
Fits Razor Crazy Cart
Manufacturer Razor
Manufacturer's Part Number W25143499204
Part Status Discontinued
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