The Ultimate Dog tire toy by Dunarri

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The Ultimate Dog tire toy by Dunarri

If your tired of having to buy toys again and again for your dog, this is the toy you need.  Its the ULTIMATE dog tire toy.  Built out of pure SOLID rubber, this toy has proven to be indestructable!  We have put these tire toys in homes with several pit bulls that love to rip and tear toys.  6 months later the tire toy is stil intact.  Yes, 6 MONTHS!

Stop making the pet stores money with toys that force you to buy them over and over.  This one will last until your dog hides it somewhere!  Dog not included!

The Ultimate Tire Dog Toy by Dunarri - YouTube

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We are VERY proud of this toy, so let us know what you think!

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Fits Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer's Part Number DT-TIRE
Part Status In-Production
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