4 Pack of Multi Color 12V Round Rocker Switches

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Includes 1 red, green, blue, and yellow switch.

This money saving 4 pack makes it easy for projects where you wish to color code the function of each switch. Includes 1 switch of each color: red, green, blue, and yellow.

Simple SPST round rocker switches. The terminals are labeled for easy wiring - connect +12V DC to the + terminal, ground to the terminal with the ground symbol, and whatever you want to power to the "A" terminal.

  • 16A @ 12V DC
  • Terminals: 3/16" blade
  • Mounting hole: snap-in 3/4" with slightly larger 0.9" bezel
More Information
Manufacturer Dunarri
Manufacturer's Part Number 23-7016
Voltage 12V
Part Status In-Production
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