Currie / Schwinn Motor Sprocket (eZip E-400, Schwinn S750, & More)

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Sprocket, 11 Tooth (1/4"), 10mm with Pins Included.

Sprocket, 11 Tooth (1/4"), 10mm with Pins Included.


This part fits many models (see compatibility list below), however, it only fits specific voltages and/or years for these:

  • Mongoose M150 (2005 & Older)
  • Mongoose M200 (2006 & Newer)
  • Schwinn S150 (2005 & Older)
  • Schwinn S750 (2006 & Newer) (36 Volt)
More Information
Fits: Currie eZip E-4.5, Currie eZip E-400, Currie eZip E-500, Currie eZip E-750, Currie eZip E-900, Currie IZIP I-1000, Currie IZIP I-300, Currie IZIP I-400, Currie IZIP I-500, Currie IZIP I-650, GT-300, GT-350, GT-500, GT-750, Mongoose M150, Mongoose M200, Mongoose M250, Mongoose M500, Mongoose Z350, Schwinn 4.0, Schwinn S150, Schwinn S200, Schwinn S300, Schwinn S350, Schwinn S400, Schwinn S500, Schwinn S650, Schwinn S750
Manufacturer: Currie
Manufacturer's Part Number: SD-250-5
Voltage No
Part Status: In-Production
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