Parts for Razor Scooters

The best way to ensure you are getting the correct parts for your Razor is to use our Razor Product ID Lookup tool. By entering the product ID number from the barcode label found on your Razor it will determine the model and version and provide a link to the parts category.

Look for this sticker on your machine and enter the numbers below. Only the first 8 numbers until the second dash are required.

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Please take note of your version number. Many parts will only fit specific versions.

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  1. Razor E300 Motor
    Motor (Razor E300) W13113640030
  2. Adjustable Tie Rod (Dirt Quad)
    Adjustable Tie Rod (Dirt Quad) W25143060174
    Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $15.99
  3. PR200 Cap Screw - 5mm
    PR200 Cap Screw - 5mm W15120010059
  4. PR200 Chain Guard  V1-2
    PR200 Chain Guard V1-2 W15120010057
  5. Motor (Pocket Mod)
    Motor (Pocket Mod) W15130640030
  6. Dirt Quad Battery Cover
    Dirt Quad Battery Cover W25143060089
  7. Handlebar Clamp
    Handlebar Clamp W15128190055
  8. Ground Force Sprocket
    Ground Force Sprocket W25141099036
  9. Drifter Battery Cover
    Drifter Battery Cover W25143499989
  10. Drifter Steering Cover
    Drifter Steering Cover W25143400038
  11. Motor - 250W (Dune Buggy)
    Motor - 250W (Dune Buggy) W25143500030
  12. PR200 Seat Fairing - Blue
    PR200 Seat Fairing - Blue W15120040033
  13. PR200 Footrest Covers
    PR200 Footrest Covers W15120010022
  14. PR200 Front Fork
    PR200 Front Fork W15120010023
  15. Genuine Razor Pocket Rocket Motor
    PR200 Motor (250W) V1+ W15120010030
  16. Flag w/Pole
    Flag w/Pole W25140000069
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Items 1-80 of 536

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